Affordable Legal Documentation by a Paralegal Service Provider in Orange

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What Is A Paralegal Service Provider (LDA)?

Many people are not aware that not all legal matters require the services of an attorney. Paralegal assistants, today known as Legal Document Assistants (LDA), are trained expert facilitators for people who wish to navigate themselves through the legal process in certain legal matters.




Services They Provide

Essentially, they save their clients time, unnecessary stress and a lot of money. Many times, an attorney simply "shows up" to make an appearance in court and submit basic legal papers; however, this could have been done by the clients themselves or a Legal Document Assistant.


For example, with an eviction process or divorce papers, a fully certified paralegal service provider in Orange can fill out all documentation without an attorney's high fees. In some states, up to 75% of divorces and 60% of bankruptcies are done without attorneys. No doubt legal fees may be a consideration, but they are also a lot less stressful to work with as well.


Average paralegal fees run from $75-$150 per hour, as opposed to an attorney's exorbitant fees. Clients should be mindful that some attorneys will end up hiring the services of a paralegal or already have a paralegal on staff; passing their client the bill, in addition to attorney fees.




What They Handle

Legal Document Assistants are specialists trained to help "do-it-yourself" clients in the preparation of the following legal documents:



·   Divorce papers

·   Child support and child custody documents

·   Spousal support

·   Last will and testaments and Living trusts

·   Adoptions

·   Pre-nuptial and domestic partnership agreements

·   Annulments and restraining orders




What LDAs Do and Do Not Do

LDAs are not attorneys, but they do know the process and will help their client navigate through the system in legal matters that are important to the client. However, they do not advise; they only follow the instructions of their client on request.


A paralegal service provider in Orange is a fully registered and bonded expert in knowing which documents to file and at what point in the proceedings. ​They also keep up-to-date with the latest changes and requirements in the specific related area. They know the law and what papers are needed to protect the rights of their clients.


They are not attorneys; however, they do know when to refer clients to professional legal counsel for more complex legal matters.​ Among many services they provide are: business incorporations, agreements and contracts, DBA filings, name changes and general notary services in Orange.


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Christina M.Hernandez is the Director and Owner of Attorney Assisted California Centers in Orange, CA. Attorney Assisted is a leading paralegal service provider in Orange County, preparing and filing all legal documents. Also known as Legal Document Assistants,, they are a much affordable alternative to going through lawyers for the same notary services. We also offer full divorce service, handling all divorce papers and handling the entire process out of court.

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Affordable Legal Documentation by a Paralegal Service Provider in Orange

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This article was published on 2012/04/21