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“Legal procedures and contract timelines” doesn’t this phrase gives you Goosebumps, a feeling of fear about what lies ahead and what are we into. When we talk about the legal procedures things automatically becomes complicated for us, and this can get into worst, if we failed to have the correct information and knowledge. Yes it’s very important to have all the legal details about anything you are entering into , it doesn’t matter if you selling or buying or starting something altogether new, as wisely said “gaining knowledge of anything at any time is of no harm , you never know when it becomes useful for you”.

“CONTRACT” the word itself is a complete story, but we can take it as a base for our discussion today. Looking at the basic meaning of contract “it’s a legal document containing all the basic information, important decisions and timelines about the project it’s been made for.

Let us be more specific to our topic and discuses about the real estate. Real estate’s is not just a word today it has emerged as a big business opportunity. Gone are those days when people used to spend whole of their lives trying to purchase a single flat, with the new facilities and services provided via different financial institutes, people not just buying their home but actually investing. Dealing into real estate these days has become more popular than investing in gold (which use to be our traditional and safest mode of investment).

With the increased interest in real estate’s government and different financial institutions has made certain rules’ related to paper work which is a must to do for a legal and authorized buy and sell of gurgaon commercial property. No matter how useless u find this paper work, but these are very important if one want to have their transactions hassle free. Therefore one should be very careful while signing a buy or sell contract as the points written into it can and will be forced to follow These timeline are applied the moment buyer and seller signs their respective bunch of papers. Both buyer and seller have different set of responsibilities highlighted in same contract illustrating their concerned area of work.

They have their set of deadline to be followed otherwise the contract between them can become null and void Seller have to deliver what they have promised on time in terms of construction or development and the duty of buyer is to make payment as decided which will help seller (builder ) to perform their jobs. Be it a real estate gurgaon or a Delhi property the timelines remains the same with just a few changes keeping the area (location of property) in mind.

Not only dealer but the financial institutes too have their contracts and timelines. Which customers are required to follow. Providing correct documents, be it a buyer, seller or any financial instituted providing correct and complete document is the first and foremost step which should not be avoided or taken in an easygoing manner as things can get into a big mess if not take care off. No one can assure you that there will be no problem in real estate transaction, but if you act smartly and keep complete knowledge of all the legal aspects of “deal” things can go in smooth manner.If you are not able to understand what is their in contract take help of your legal adviser, as there are many points which are hard to understand. With the ending note the only advice can be given and which will be useful is to have complete knowledge of you are signing.


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This article was published on 2011/09/12